What Is A True Friend Essay

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Let go and examine what is the “true friend” means. According to dictionary, synonym for “true” is real, exact, and right. “Friend” is a personal relationship between two people or more. Moreover, true friend is a person who has close meaning to best friend or good friend; however, a true friend is more meaningful than good or best friend. That person seems to be special and hard to find. A true friend also does things for us without wishing to get anything back in return. This special person is also influence our heart and mind. If we have this kind of person in our live, we perhaps have a hard time to let him or her go. A true friend may not always be together with us or talk to us daily, but that special person is always a live in our heart…show more content…
My friend trained me several skills to prevent misunderstanding the culture different and to gain indirect experiences before I actually arrived in that country. As she understood the culture different, she wanted to show me the different between people from another world. Then she taught the language to enhance me with some little skills how to impress or communicate with those people. As well as she reminded me the different of greeting from those culture and American culture. Some of them did not like handshake, hugging or kissing; they simply said “hello” in their language. In addition, that special person reminded me that another Asian people nook their head up and down when they disagree and shake their head to left and right when they agree. This friend enjoys to help and train me as she never thinks that helping her friend to learn something different or new will waste her time. She does her best to help me as she wants it too. Because she wants me to be a better thinker, then I will not be disappointed with people who are different. If she is not there for me, I can apply those training skills to help myself. This friend usually wants her friend to learn in a right
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