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Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships a person can have in their lives. Being willing to share intimate secrets with someone else is a beautiful thing. I have only had two best friends throughout my life. My first best friend was Janella who was my best friend from pre-school to 5th grade and my current best friend is Julie who has been my best friend since 7th grade. Julie and I did not like each other in 6th grade even though we didn’t know each other well. Our circle of friends were extremely different, I was friends with a quiet, small group of students while Julie was friends with the popular, loud group of students. But, when our paths crossed on the first day of 7th grade during our 5th period science class we became best friends. We developed a strong friendship, but as all friendships, we have had bumps along the way.…show more content…
We were two different personalities with different interest. The day we officially met was on the first day of 7th grade in Mr. Joy’s class, a teacher who taught English language. Julie and I sat across from each other, acknowledged each other’s presence but did not talk. In that same day, we would become acquaintances and that relationship would blossom into a friendship. Julie is still my best friend even though we don’t see each other often because she goes to the University of California, Los Angeles, we still manage to keep in touch. The first phase of my friendship with Julie was the initiating stage, the first contact we had with each other on the first day of 7th grade (O’Hair, Wiemann, Mullin & Teven, 2015). During our 5th class of the day Julie had to sit down in the only empty seat in science class which happened to be next to me. Because we had seen each other in all of our classes before we said “Hi” to each other and introduced

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