Narrative Essay About Friends

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Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, my mom would always tell me all the time. I did not know what she meant but that until I realized that my friends were on the wrong path and I did not want to be like them. My father encourages my brother and me to do a good in school. He constantly asks my brother and me how were doing in school. I would always lie to him and tell him everything was okay. Life seems so easy while growing up without realizing there going to be consequences after. It started beginning of high school, were my two middle school friends was the only friends I had. It did not matter to me because there were my best friends and I did not want to make new friends. It was the first day of high school, and I was not nervous because I knew I had my friends with me. Once we enter there was a chalkboard telling, students were to go. I did not have homeroom with them nor any classes with them. I was bumped out because none of my friends were in my class. Before leaving,…show more content…
I thought I could change him, but that did not happen, he end up changing me instead. He got to meet my best friends, and we were hanging out together. I help him go back to high school with me, and he did. I thought it was cool having my friend and my boyfriend in school. He would do some stuff behind my back, such as ditch class while I was in class. I would get mad because I helped him to go back to high school and he got to be an 11 grader. I saw my report card and saw that I was doing good in all my classes. I was proud of myself but at the same time, I was annoyed at being in class while my friends were ditching class. It was tempting me to skip class and be with them, but I promised myself that I was not going to ditch anymore. Then temptation got me, and I started skipping class. I missed my finals, and got my report cards, and I saw that I did not pass any of my classes. I was

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