What If Abraham Lincoln Hadn't Died?

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If Lincoln hadn’t died, a question that every student has come across while learning about the civil war, but what if he hadn’t died had reconstruction would had been better? Had former slaves gained better civil rights? Although these questions have no real answers and all we can come with are speculations, in Eric Foner’s essay he seems to address these questions with some acceptable reasons that made me come to the conclusion that if Lincoln hadn’t been assassinated the period of reconstruction would have been better than it was under Johnson. President Andrew Jackson opposed Lincoln’s plan of reconstruction, instead of forgiving the south like Lincoln wanted, Jackson wanted the south to suffer and pay for what it had cause, therefore making the south a victim of the North’s carpetbaggers’ ambition to make easy money by taking chance of the horrible conditions the south had brought to itself, and Scalawags, white southerners that gave their backs to the south to join the republicans (hypocrites, probably did this to save themselves). Even though there is a great chance carpetbaggers would have found a way to make money in the south if Lincoln had lived, but with Lincoln alive his 10 percent plan would have been used, therefore allowing the North and the South to have an easy reconciliation with one another. Lincoln’s reconstruction plan was really easy going: it only required 10 percent of the white male population of any southern state to sign an oath that said that they were loyal to the Union, and that southern state abolishes slavery, after this the state was allowed to create a new government and start sending its new representatives to congress. Although Lincoln was not liked in the south; the south had to deal with th... ... middle of paper ... ... easier, because Lincoln was moderate and liked to worked things out with his political party no matter their views moderate or radical. Nevertheless we can say that Lincoln was already willing to take the first step towards equality between whites and African Americans, since he already had said that he was in favor of limited black suffrage, maybe with the combined forces of the President and Congress; people would have seen that blacks were equal, by doing this they could of taken the first steps towards an interracial government and maybe saved some time instead of leaving this civil rights movement for later. Overall If Lincoln hadn’t died reconstruction would have been better, maybe the U.S. would be a little more open minded and democratic than it is right now, since it accepted its differents earlier, therefore learning how to live better with one another.

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