What Do I Think About Exceptionality And Special Education

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Before I read, here are my thoughts: What do I already know about exceptionality and special education in a few words (you can list terms or share a few experiences you’ve had)? -People who do things/tasks differently than the average person I have gone on a mission trip to China and visited/help people with brittle bone disease. They were not sad, lonely or felt like they were disabled. It was part of their lifestyle and they knew no difference. Even though we had sympathy for them, they were very content and happy. What questions do I have? How do I approach someone with a disability without seeming rude or judgmental? What do I say when I accidently use the wrong term? Rating my knowledge: Please rate your knowledge before you read using this scale: I don’t feel like I know anything about this topic. I’ve heard some of the terms, but couldn’t tell you what they mean I feel fairly comfortable with the key concepts, but want to know more. I know all about this, and could teach this section. 2. I would love to learn more and I have a little knowledge about the key concepts on special education. As I read, here are my thoughts: Main Topic – You will find information about the main topic in the textbook or materials listed. Key Points – In this column, add your own thoughts. This should be a summary of what you have learned and does not need to be in complete sentences (bullet points, etc are fine). You do not have to cite sources as long as you are using the sources given in the course. Disability – what does this term mean and how should it be used? “Disability is the inability to do something, a diminished capacity to perform in a specific way.” It can be used when referring to a person’s inability to do something due to p... ... middle of paper ... ...the process and knowing your rights when placing your child in special education. The second video include information that was not mentioned in chapter one, such as the challenges when finding the right special program and that you must research to know the options available to you. After I read, here are my thoughts: What questions do I still have? Other information I’d like to include/remember from this chapter’s reading Special education isn’t just for those with disabilities but also for those who struggle in the average learning environment. Furthermore, some parents or guardians are not eager to ask for help or do not want to consider special education for their child as they think their child is “perfect” “normal” or fine. It is our job as educators to inform parents that it is not a bag thing for their child to get extra help to improve their academics.

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