What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Hrm Strategy

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the workforce. Thus, they will be properly skilled and prepared for their jobs. Consequently, performance is likely to increase and the employee will be able to work towards an internal promotion. 4.2.5 Improving the quality of line management A company that invests in the improvement of the quality of line management will most likely result in the staff being more engaged with their work. Plus, the relationship between employees and managers ought to be positive, so as to avoid any dissatisfaction from both parties. Moreover, companies that promote people into supervisory positions with adequate experience and training are very likely to perform well and act as capable supervisors. In addition to this, managers that show interest in their…show more content…
The HRM strategies have been created and are being led by the Talent Development Northern Europe division. The goal of answering this secondary question is to allow PageGroup, in particular, the Talent Development Northern Europe division have a well-formed and comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of its current HRM strategies. For each HRM strategy, a conclusion will be drawn based on its strengths and weaknesses. Once all the HRM strategies have been looked at, they will be compared with Torrington’s approach so as to see in what aspects PageGroup Northern Europe is doing well and…show more content…
Thus, the employees and the employer both face a win-win situation if the HRM strategies are successfully implemented. However, within PageGroup Northern Europe, the Talent and Development Northern Europe division does not perform all the HRM tasks. As explained above, some tasks are performed by the Talent Development Northern Europe division, which predominantly consists of recruiting, organising training programmes, motivating the employees, while, other tasks such as pay check of all the employees and the legal aspects of the employees’ contracts are being performed by the HR & Payroll
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