West Africa

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West Africa


West Africa is know for its rich trading empire, natural landmarks, for their beautifully designed cloth, and jewelry.

To begin with, West Africa is known for its interesting land features, landforms, and its gradually changing climate. For example, Lake Chad is one of West Africa's well known features. Lake Chad is one of Africa's largest freshwater lake, and is know for its shrinking over time in size. Some other rivers located in this region include the Senegal, Niger, Volta, and the Benue river. Oceans surrounding this region include the Atlantic Ocean which is south of this region. The two types of coasts in this region include a low,muddy coast, which is found around a major river delta, and other coasts in which the offshore current is weak. Also, mountain ranges in this region include the Guinea Highlands, the Cameroon Mountains, and other mountain ranges. As for climate, It is always gradually changing from hot,to wet, and humid in the south, and very hot and dry in the north...

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