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  • The Republic of Cameroon

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    The name of my country is the Republic of Cameroon. Cameroon, which is located in Central Africa, shares its border with the Central African Republic, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria. Cameroon has an area of 183,568 square miles. Tennessee is 42,180 square miles which means Cameroon is roughly 4.35x the size of Tennessee or a little bigger than California which is 163,695 square miles. Cameroon has a diverse terrain with coastal plain in the southwest, dissected

  • Cameroon Profile

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    Cameroon became a German colony in 1884. At the end First World War, under League of Nations mandates, eastern Cameroon was awarded to France while the southern and northern Cameroons was awarded to Britain. In 1960, French Cameroons gained its independence and Ahmadou Ahidjo was appointed to the presidency. In February 1961 the southern populations of British administered Cameroons voted to join the newly independent Republic of Cameroon. In 1966 Ahmadou Ahidjo made Cameroon a one-party state, in

  • Cameroon Essay

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    Cameroon Imagine beaches, mountains, beautiful stone buildings and a refreshing and relaxingly cool climate. These are all descriptions of Cameroon, the gem of central Africa. Cameroon occupies about 180,000 square meters of land, and has approximately 20,000,000 people called Cameroonians. The capital city, Yaoundé, is the largest city in the country. Cameroonians speak English and French, there are also about twenty-seven other tribal languages (Edman, 2014). Physical characteristics Cameroon is

  • National Security Affairs - Cameroon

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    Security Affairs - Cameroon Can one country represent the culture, ethnic, and geographical composition of an entire continent? With about 250 different ethnic groups (Affairs, 2009) and climates that mirror prevalent climates found across the continent, Cameroon represents the continent of Africa. As military members and ambassadors of the United States, we must strive daily to build lasting partnerships with all countries in support of our National Security Strategy (NSS). In Cameroon, our understanding

  • Cameroon's Conflict And Religious Conflict In Cameroon

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    religious backgrounds makes Cameroon a complex country altogether. The distinctive and unlike groups of many religions comprising of Christianity, Islam, and even Animalism may make outsiders conclude Cameroon to have many conflicts and wars in the country. However, ever since their independence from 1960, it has had no civil war, no religious clashes, no rebellion, and no violence. This case is very interesting because there are no other countries that are like Cameroon in the last few decades that

  • The History Of Cameroon, Africa, I Will Fleece You, And Africa

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    France terminated the slave trade in French Cameroon and abolished slavery in the French colony of Martinique. Although the French removed the physical chains on people of African descent living in French territories, the remnant of slavery and colonialism continues to manifest itself through the mental enslavement and exploitation of people of continental Africa and the African Diaspora. In Jean-Marie Téno’s unorthodox documentary about the history of Cameroon, Africa, I Will Fleece You, and Euzhan Palcy’s

  • How developed is Brazil?

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    How developed is Brazil? BRAZIL Economic A Case Study of: - Developments in two contrasting regions of a country (South East / Amazonia / North). - Strategies used by a government to improve the economy (in a developing country). - Exploitation of new resources within a country. - Impact of economic / industrial development on the environment of a region or country. Setting the scene - How developed is Brazil ? Brazil, alongside Mexico is considered one of South America's

  • Culture and Customs of Equatorial Guinea

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    unique in other Spanish speaking countries because it is so far away. Equatorial Guinea is a country located in the western coast of Africa. The region is also known as Rio Muni. Equatorial Guinea borders a lot of countries which includes Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, and Cabinda. Equatorial Guinea is a country with interesting history. Equatoguineans are the people of Fang and Bubi that migrated there long time ago. Then the Portuguese came to Equatorial Guinea. The Spanish also

  • Poverty In Africa Essay

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    people are living in poverty, lacking safe water, housing, food, and the ability to read. There is a high concentration of communities in poverty in Africa; particularly Central Africa. States that are considered in Central Africa are the following: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Republic of Africa, Chad, Equatorial Guinea and the Congo. The majority of these Central African states’ economies are dependent on agriculture. As a result of this dependency, natural disasters, droughts and

  • Nigerian Hip-Hop and Youth Identity

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    influence they have, comes a great responsibility to use their power to be a positive role model and to lead the youth towards a positive identity. Nigeria is located on the west coast of Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea, and between Benin and Cameroon. Nigeria was named after the Niger River that runs straight through it. It is sometimes referred to as the "the Giant of Africa", because of its large population and economy (CIA, 2014). Nigeria was at first colonized by the British. It gained its