Welding, Cutting and Brazing

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Welding, Cutting and Brazing

By Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) definition any operator of electric or gas welding and cutting equipment is called a "welder" and "welding operator". The standard 29 CFR 1910 Subpart Q which pertains to welding, cutting, and brazing. The standard consists of 5 parts, they include: 1910.251 Definitions, 1910.252 General requirements, 1910.253 Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting, 1910.254 Arc welding and cutting, 1910.255 Resistance welding. It is a rather diverse standard covering all aspects of industrial and commercial applications specializing in safety aspects, guidelines, and requirements as well as proper use and operating procedures.

Fire Prevention is a large concern when dealing with red hot metals melting the surrounding areas of application. Section 1910.252 deals with these general requirements for fire prevention and protection, which are responsibilities of welders and cutters, their supervisors, contractors and the management on whose property cutting and welding is to be performed. This includes moving all apparent fire hazards in the vicinity while using guards to confine sparks, heat, and slag in the immediate area. If these basic requirements are not met, the cut of weld is not to be performed. Fire extinguishers shall be provided and maintained in a ready state that is applicable to all types of fires including combustible materials that could be caused at the cut or weld. These should be on hand for the Fire watchers that should be present and trained in the proper usage of the extinguisher. They must also make sure that no combustible material is within 35 feet of the weld/cut and check the status of the current work done watch it for 30 minute following the work done to ensure no fire or problem arose. Before cutting or welding is permitted the area needs to be inspected by the individual responsible for authorizing cutting and welding operations.

The individual will then designate any precautions to be followed in granting authorization to proceed preferably in the form of a written permit. The management shall recognize its responsibility for the safe usage of cutting and welding equipment on its property and designate an individual responsible for authorizing cutting and welding operations in areas not specifically designed for such processes. This should be partly based on fire potentials of plant facilities basically establishing areas for cutting and welding and establish procedures for cutting and welding. Cutting and welding should not

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