Essay About Welding

Welding Created a New World Welding is literally building a new world. The world would not be the way it is today if it was not for welding. As you look around, almost everything you see may have been welded. Welding has changed our world in numerous ways over the last hundred years, and continues to do so with the new advances and groundbreaking ways to weld. Welding is an art, science, and high paying career all in one. Welding is the most effective way to join two pieces of metal, it is the only way to join them so they act as one. Numerous things in our daily lives has been welded from coffeepots to skyscrapers. Welding can be done almost anywhere outdoors, indoors, underwater, and even space (“Welding Basics”). It is practically…show more content…
During the middle ages welding was very common. Early Egyptians learned the art of welding. Several of their tools were made by welding. A set of specialized workmen called blacksmiths created tools by melting the metal, then hammering them together. This method did not change much until the dawn of the 19th century which held major breakthroughs in welding. An open flame (acetylene) was very important to the history of welding. It allowed manufactures to make metal tools and equipment. In 1836 a man named Edmund Davy discovered acetylene which was soon utilized in the welding industries. Coated metal electrodes were first introduced in the 1900s. A coating of lime covered the electrode and made the weld much more stable. A number of other welding processes were also invented, such as seam welding, spot welding, flash butt welding, and projection welding. Stick welding also became popular around this time too. In the 1920s automatic welding was first introduced by P.O. Nobel. Automatic welding integrated the use of arc voltage and bare wire. It was mainly used for fixing old, molding metals. Several types of electrodes were also developed during this decade. A new type of welding was developed in the 1940s by Meredith. This became known as Heliarc Welding. Gas shielded arc welding or GTAW was another significant milestone in the welding history. Several advancements in the welding field were made in the 1960s. Dual shield, inner shield, and electro slag were some of the more important kinds developed. Plasma arc was also invented and was mainly used for metal spraying. Even now more techniques are being made. For example, laser welding was developed by the Russians and is being used more and more every day (“Welcome to
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