We Are More Than Our Body-Mind Experiences

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The belief that we are more than our body-mind experiences is an ancient belief dating back thousands of years. As a by product to this belief, ancient traditional medicine emerged focusing on treating the whole person; body, mind, emotions and spirit. This ancient science also speaks to the power within each person to effect change in their personal life and surroundings. This gives rise to the idea that we can heal our self. However, in order for this to happen, we must embrace a new learning, requiring us to question and investigate our current belief system, to determine if it is serving our highest purpose and best interest. Most of us are locked into beliefs, perceptions and judgments, without considering the existence of another reality or other possibilities, even when other choices/options are available and proven to work successfully. So, in actuality what we perceive as true; real and absolute in the physical and material realm is in fact questionable. Based on scientific conclusion, the basic of all life is energy, exchanging and creating without end and we are a part of this creative energy. Thus many beliefs about our existence, why we are and real power still remain a mystery. As we examine our past, relationship with our self and others and the environment, it becomes apparent these experiences have played a major role in the establishment of a belief system that calls for questioning and reexamination. Our perceptions and stories (surrounding our life circumstances) projected onto our life experiences show up as observable facts, based on conclusions and assessments that impact significantly on our thinking and being. We create a language and conversations to reinforce these perceptions, without regard... ... middle of paper ... ...to be less challenging when I focus on helping the client identify their strengths and possibilities for different outcomes. When the client is given the task of identify their strengths and capabilities this can open the door for further questioning and more favorable responses. My job is to show the client how to make distinctions between what they say they want, how they are being and what they are doing to receive what they want. I have learned that working within a framework that is durable without intimidation, judgment or guilt, allows the client to explore willingly in discovering answers to their problems. During this process of personal transformation ones special gifts and talents, visions and dreams can be realized. My role is to help each person find the best condition in which they can thrive to achieve their desires of the heart.
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