Ways to Involve Parents

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Ways to Involve Parents

Parents may think volunteering to help in the classroom is the only way to be involved, well they are wrong. There are many ways parents can involve themselves in the school. Parents and family can be involved by reading to their children, checking homework, communicating with the teacher, and attending school functions; the list goes on and on. (NEA, 2003). No matter how parents contribute time towards their child’s education, it will be important. Parental involvement is important because it makes a difference in children’s lives. (NEA, 2003). This difference includes student achievement and success.

How Parental Involvement Improves Student Achievement in School

Involving parents in the education of their children directly effects student achievement in school. Research shows that involving parents in the education of their children helps increase the child’s achievement and self- esteem. (National PTA, 2003). Students’ grades improve and they like to go to school because of parental involvement. This is because parents make the students learning process fun and exciting so they participate more often. Reitz explains that when parents are involved in their child’s education the failing students extremely improve. (1990). “The greatest impact on student achievement comes from family participation in well-designed at-home activities” (Jones, 2001, p. 2). Actively organizing and monitoring a child’s time, helping with homework, and discussing school matters are three kinds of parental involvement done at home that are consistently associated with higher student achievement in school. (NEA, 2003). Parents are the first teachers and role models of their children. (National PTA, 200...

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This web page contains the results of a survey taken to find out teachers’ and parents’ views on parental involvement.

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This web page tells the reasons why parents involve themselves in their child’s school. It also explains under what circumstances these parents will participate.

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This web page explains how not only parents can contribute their time towards the schools.

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