Was The South Responsible For Reconstruction Essay

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I believe the South is ultimately responsible for the end of reconstruction. They resisted the North’s control and manipulated the African Americans and all who opposed their beliefs. This along with the actions of Andrew Johnson, a southerner, kept the Reconstruction from continuing. The south was still running on their own agenda at this point and they didn't want the north imposing anything in them. In document C it is stated that John W. Stevens was murdered by the KKK. This is evidence of the lack of control the government had over the south. Groups like the KKK were very powerful and wanted the North out of the South. They proved their power from ruthless killings of innocents. Document E also shows the manipulation and violence used …show more content…

They were most of the time forced out of voting for fear of their life. The more powerful white southerners kept them from voting to make sure their guy would win the election. African Americans were almost certainly going to vote opposite of them and they couldn’t have that. Document G states how the North stopped caring about events in the South which led them to stop enforcing law and ultimately left the South on their own. One could say that this means it’s the North’s fault but, it was because of the South’s resistance that the North stopped trying to impose law. This was exactly what the South was going for. Finally, Document B really proves the manipulation of the African Americans by the white southerners. It shows how they can find a way to control the African Americans even if it's not slavery. By doing this they can control people’s lives and force them to do things because they are in “debt”. These white landowners always found a way to keep African Americans from getting an education and from living a healthy prosperous life. Without any education African Americans were left for dead and their only way of living was by working for

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