Was The Reign of Terror Justified?

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A rather ominous name for the unaware; “The Reign of Terror”. An oblivious person could completely bypass the horrifying events related to the French Revolution, had it been named differently. The title for these events is appropriate from my perspective. Those four words could easily interest a curious, ordinary person, and so the history can survive, along with the information transferring to yet another carrier. Of course, everyone can benefit from knowing a few terms that can increase your understanding of the topic. An absolute monarch is a person that has absolute power among his or her people. The Estates General is a representative body drawn from the three ‘estates’ into which society had been theoretically divided. A fraternity is a group of people sharing a common profession or interests. A radical person is a person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform. The device used to execute most people was the guillotine: a machine with a heavy blade sliding vertically in grooves, used for beheading people. The Reign of Terror is generally defined as a period of remorseless repression or bloodshed, but in particular, it is the period of the Terror during the French Revolution. Conservatives are people that hold to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation. Now that we can speak of our topic with more knowledge of terms typically used for this subject, we can address the pending question. Was The Reign of Terror justified? An outstanding amount of people died for good and bad reasons. Every system was corrupt, there was practically no right and wrong; no order, just rebellion. Several conflicting arguments can be made, but there is a definite decision to make in this situatio... ... middle of paper ... ...inite decision to make in this situation. King Louis XVI tried to rule his country with an absolute monarchy, and the plan backfired substantially. The result was the citizens rebelling rightfully so, but the situation went to an extreme extent. The determination of the people must have been extensive because the government had to send armies in attempts to conquer them. The only answer to this question is no, The Reign of Terror was not justified because it was ridiculous. It began with a central plan to protect the people supposedly, but corrupted itself into an ultrasensitive, unjust massacre. The people of the country were forced to rebel by their greedy leaders, and so countless lives were lost, along with time, energy, and money. I can only hope that the United States of America remains grounded, and we’re not forced to rebel like countries in the Middle East.
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