The Enlightenment Impact On The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of the Independence was a formal document which declared the America’s independence from Britain from July 4, 1776 until today (“Declaration of Independence”). The Enlightenment was a period in time, in the eighteenth century, when many Enlightenment thinkers created new ways of understanding which later influenced the American and French Revolution (“Enlightenment”). Celebration of the Declaration of Independence occurs every year on July 4, when Americans come together to honor our independent nation, usually with fireworks, hot dogs and apple pies. The Declaration of Independence was inspired by and inspired the Enlightenment because Thomas Jefferson took ideas from the Enlightenment, especially from John Locke who believed…show more content…
They entered a war amongst each other because lower class was challenging the government, which concluded to many people fleeing France to go to Britain and Austria. The king of France, Louis XVI, was charged with treason and guillotined, causing the Reign of Terror, which took place when Maximilien de Robespierre tried to kill over 17000 men and women. As the country of France was declining in government and economy General Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor and fifteen years after the French Revolution, France was ruled under a dictatorship (“French Revolution”). The French Revolution was inspired by the Enlightenment and Declaration of Independence because just as the Americans, the French had been fighting for freedom from the monarchy for not supporting the country of France during a period of debt. The Revolution was based from the ideas of both the Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence derived from John Locke’s ideals of government. This includes how the people should have a representative in the government and if they are unhappy with the government, they are able to break away to start a new one. In the end, the French had lost the Revolution by having a democratic government, which later transcended into a dictatorship (“Enlightenment
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