Was The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy a Conspiracy?

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Was The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy a Conspiracy? On November 22nd, 1963 at 12:30 p.m in Dallas, Texas, one of the most horrific events in American History took place. The assassination of John F. Kennedy. Crowds were cheering as JFK was on a ten mile route that would pass through Dallas, Texas. John Kennedy was in the back seat of a 1961 four door Lincoln Continental convertible when this tragic event occurred. The driver took a left off of Main street passing by the Texas School Book Depository. Suddenly gun shots were heard, and John Kennedy took a bullet to the head and neck. John Kennedy was dead at the first impact of the bullet. As JFK was leaning on Ms.Kennedy another shot was fired, and it hit Governor John Connally. The car left the seen speeding to Parkland Memorial Hospital, to try and save the President. But their was nothing that could be done at that point. John Kennedy was pronounced dead at exactly one p.m. Governor Connally survived and recovered due to the fact that it was only a flesh wound. The body of John Kennedy was escorted to the his plane the Air Force One. Before the plane took off Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office at precisely 2:38 p.m. An hour before that happened they had arrested a suspect named Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was working as a newly hired employee at the Texas School Book Depository. On November 24th, two days after this tragic loss, Lee was being transferred to County Jail. A man named Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald at point blank range. Oswald died two hours later at the local hospital. Although Lee Harvey Oswald fired the bullet that killed John F. Kennedy, many people believe that the mafia and CIA orchestrated the assassination plan. John Fitzgerald Kennedy w... ... middle of paper ... ...hicago, Illinois. At the NorthWestern University for three months. After completing his training he joined the Motor Torpedo Squadron. JFK was the head officer on the PT 101, an 80 foot long boat. The PT 101 was off the shore of Panama. Kennedy was tired of commanding the ships and wanted to see real action. So on February 23rd John transferred as a backup officer on a different Torpedo Squadron. John travelled to Tulagi to take control of the PT 109. At the beginning of August PT 109 was hit by a Japanese destroyer boat. As the PT 109 got hit, John fell back into the cockpit of the boat and reinjured his back. JFK and four other survivors were able to swim to an island that was 3 miles away. Kennedy was eventually awarded a Navy corps medal for bravery and courage. Kennedy was forced to leave the Navy due to his back problems, that were getting worse and worse.
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