Waiting for my Silver Star

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It all Started with a blind date gone right. My sisters and I were throwing a party and my sister, Mildered, was being set up with a man named Regis. As the party started and Regis and his friends arrived it was not mildered Regis talked to. It was me. Although he was four years older than I we started dating, it was great. We had been dating for about two years when Regis came to my house and told me the news.
I remember it clearly it was a sunny September day and we planned on going to the park for a picnic with our friends. When I answered the door I knew something was wrong. “Is everything ok?” I asked. He gave a slight sigh then asked if we could go sit on the swing. When we were both on the swing he spoke with a very solemn voice he said “Mary Rita, I received a letter today, it was from the United States Army. I have been drafted into the army. I am to report for duty in exactly five days.” All I could do was nod and say that we would get through it. I had to believe everything would be ok because if I didn’t I would be miserable the whole time he was gone.
I continued to go...
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