Violent Femmes - Add it up

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Violent Femmes - Add it up

The disc player drones on as I recline peacefully on the pure white sands of my very own desert island. I am the only human being on this island. Ah, peace at last, but as the days turn into weeks and the weeks to months and the months to years I wonder; why have I not gone completely insane? Sentenced indefinitely to solitary confinement on my paradise prison. Yes, it has been a struggle to maintain my sanity, but I have one very special companion; the Violent Femmes album Add it up. Every time I listen to this album I am reminded of the last time I ever saw all my friends together; before we all went our separate ways in life.

Park Rules for Your Safety:

No Smoking

No Radios or Music

No Open-air Fires

Do not take Shortcuts

Watch for Bears

Oh, what do we care of rules and regulations anyway. We were, after all, rebellious teenagers. We carefully stowed away radio, and cigarettes, and tightly tied our hiking boots. The four of us waved casually to the ranger as we began our ascent of the mountain. When we were out of earshot we stopped and emptied the smuggled goods from our backpacks. Unloading the radio we popped in Add it up from the Violent Femmes and continued on our journey. Not only did we play the music loud and probably scare every living organism in the forest stiff, but we also sang at the top of our lungs. People we passed on the trail smiled from ear to ear and some even laughed at our antics, but we didn’t care. Then we came to a shortcut along the trail. Should we take it? Of course, we were rebels. Against the advice of the experts, we got off the beaten track and made our own path through the forest. We were careful to keep out of sight when entering and exiting our newly blazed trail, not because we feared getting caught, but because we wanted out own sovereign experience: to be shared with and had by no one else.

Finally reaching the top was the greatest feat we could have ever accomplished. Being at the top of the mountain was like standing on top of the World. Looking down over the surrounding farmland and towns one could really appreciate the wonder that is Nature. The World below so tiny one could pick it up and make it snow by shaking it, just like one of those snow globes.

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