Super Black Market…Being This Dirty Should Be Illegal

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Super Black Market…Being This Dirty Should Be Illegal The Remlinger brothers, Sonny and Joseph have stepped up their game with fellow band mates Ben Bluml and Adam Smith. Adam is a great blend of skill and a spirited personality rounding out the band’s image. Ben is concealed beneath his hair and is rather quiet adding a little mystery to the musician’s behavior. The sweet Remlinger’s are Southern gentleman and are certainly charming. When the foursome is performing at each gig they are showing how quickly they are improving and coming together as a band. In a city where every other neighbor seems to be in a band, one can foresee this band is actually finding their niche. Sugarcult was a bar band once upon a time and made a name for the group in Santa Barbara because they built upon a series of shared goals. Super Black Market shows the same creative potential for great success due to the fact new additions such as Smith have great work ethics. Every band member has a role to play and the responsibilities vary from musician to musician. Adam announces, “I'm the newest member and I have not written anything that we have played yet, but I am hard at work.” The band reels in patrons one body at a time because they are little to the left which is right formula for success. Adam says, “We have been trying to get more energy out of the crowd, trying to get some toes tapping and some bottoms shaking. The only way to do that is to bring more energy to the stage.” Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Sonny Remlinger makes the cool clubs warm with the lyrics he belts out one reverberation at a time. Joseph finds songwriting sessions useful to the process and is crafts distinctive songs people enjoy seeing play out in live forum. “As f... ... middle of paper ... ...great addition to the Remlinger brother’s band. Super Black Market continues to grow with their songwriter Joseph who enjoys exploring new premises and personal experiences in written form. Vampirism goes hand and hand with underground music-these boys next door bring the gore in artwork making the booklet full of distinctive imagery. The dirty images are not grotesque, but are snippets of truth since black markets are not known to be socially responsible souks. This type of musical aka black economy or black market is enlarged like a Costco allowing all illegal activities to be enjoyed by their clientele or concertgoers. Goods and services are not taxed on the black market and attending a gig is not taxing, but revitalizing. Sonny brings his own beautiful light and his brother Joseph is proves country boys really are the best…at least to some gals in the audience.

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