Nature in mary Oliver´s First Snow

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Many overlook the beauty that is expressed by nature. The images put together in nature influenced Mary Oliver’s “First Snow.” The beauty expressed in “First Snow” shows how there is hidden beauty in nature such as snow. Also how snow, not so simple, is something so stunning and breath taking. The descriptions of Oliver’s visions show that many things are overlooked in nature and shouldn’t be. She elaborates to show that nature sets forth not just snow, but something so much more. Mary Oliver uses many examples and proofs to show the beauty. In “First Snow” Mary Oliver conveys the image of snow to embody the beauty of nature. Mary Oliver uses the vivid descriptions to show how she saw the first snow. Oliver accounts for every scene of the beauty she encountered. In this poem, she shares many different images, all which have very intense and powerful meanings. She used words such as smolder, glitter, and shining to show an intense way to describe snow. For example “the broad fields/ smolder with light” (Oliver 645, 24-25), which means the fields glisten mildly. Also “Trees/ glitter li...

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