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  • The Ascent”: The Indirect Story

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    From death to drug use “The Ascent”, teaches a crucial moral lesson in how decisions affect more than one individual. In Ron Rash’s, “The Ascent”, he tells a story about a boy named Jared who has a rough life due to his parent’s decision making. While Jared is on Christmas break he begins to explore in the woods. As he was exploring he discovers a crashed plane that went missing recently. As the story continues Jared reveals little details, or inner thoughts that his young mind does not understand

  • The Ascent of Money Has Lead to the Ascent of Man

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    “The ascent of money has lead to the ascent of man.” The greatest question many have sought to answer is the creation vs. evolution debate. How did we get here? Were we created or did we evolve randomly? Are we the product of purposeful intelligence or are we the result of countless mistakes? Does it even matter? The story of money is similar to the story of humanity. Was money created or did it evolve. If it was created we can assume it will die. If money evolved then we can assume the future is

  • The Ascent by Ron Rash

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    Many people have life changing revelations in their lives, but very few people are as young as Jared when he realizes what he does about his life. Ron Rash wrote the short story, "The Ascent," about a young boy's journey that brought him to have a significant revelation about his life. In the story, Rash uses a naive narrator, foreshadowing, and imagery to show the setting of the story that led to Jared's revelation about his life. Rash uses Jared's character to show why he cannot give a trustworthy

  • Analysis Of The Ascent Of Money

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    The Ascent of Money, published by historian and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson in 2008, is a non-fictional account of the world’s financial history. Since the Spanish conquest in America to the current interdependence between the American and Chinese markets, the author argues that money has been an ambitious drive behind human progress. He guides the reader through different stages of the continuous development of the financial system, like the bond and the stock market, and highlights two influential

  • The Ascent from Darkness

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    The Ascent from Darkness As a teenager, the world around us can seem all-consuming. Life becomes a tangled mesh of confusion ranging from learning about one’s body, to the dreaded English essay, but when they go home life slows down. A sanctuary of sorts is provided by their parents. Unfortunately for some teens a dark little secret hides behind the closed doors of their home, alcoholism. Society has not acknowledged that there is a real problem with parental alcoholism. As a result, there are

  • Isolation In The Ascent Theme

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    Isolated Imagination Loneliness is usually a common and unharmful feeling, however, when a child is isolated his whole life, loneliness can have a much more morbid effect. This theme, prevalent throughout Ron Rash’s short story, The Ascent, is demonstrated through Jared, a young boy who is neglected by his parents. In the story, Jared escapes his miserable home life to a plane wreck he discovers while roaming the wilderness. Through the use of detached imagery and the emotional characterization

  • Wuthering Heights and Romantic Ascent

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    Martha Nussbaum describes the romantic ascent of various characters in Wuthering Heights through a philosophical Christian view. She begins by describing Catherine as a lost soul searching for heaven, while in reality she longs for the love of Heathcliff. Nussbaum continues by comparing Heathcliff as the opposition of the ascent from which the Linton’s hold sacred within their Christian beliefs. Nussbaum makes use of the notion that the Christian belief in Wuthering Heights is both degenerate and

  • The Ascent and the Close-Up Angle of Fear

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    The Ascent (Larisa Shepitko, 1977) is a film full of emotion, and a lot of it comes from the mastering of cinematography. The film uses a combination of shaky-cam and close-ups to emphasize the amount of fear and terror that the characters encounter through the picture. Yet, there is not a single moment in the film that does not exemplify fear and the horror of war like the scene in which our two main characters hide from the Nazis in the attic. In this moment of the film, Soviet soldiers Rybak

  • The Ascent To Fame of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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    The Ascent To Fame of Nathaniel Hawthorne          The advent of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s recognition by the public as a literary master was long in coming and was not based mainly on the merits of his tales like “The Minister’s Black Veil.” Henry James in his biography Hawthorne from 1879 testifies in eloquent fashion to the state of Hawthorne’s reputation in the 1830’s as a writer: I have said that in the United States at present authorship is a pedestal, and literature is the fashion;

  • Analysis Of Fergurson's The Ascent Of Money

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    In his book The Ascent of money: a financial history of the world, Ferguson argues that the ascent of money is the main driving force to build the history of human, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia, Roman Empire, gold and silver of the Incas to many powerful financial families such as House of Medicis, Rothchilds, Rising of Amsterdam bank and London Bank to the hedge funds of twenty-first century. In six chapters of the book, Ferguson examined the process of forming the milestones contributing to