Views on Religion, Poverty and Wealth

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Many people have different idea s and views about poverty and wealth

and this includes the different religions. Each person can come up

with reasons why there are so many starving and poor people and many

can come up with some possible solutions, but it still remains

millions of people over the world still go with out. The world is

split by the North/South divide (figure 1); this is an imaginary line

that goes through the earth separating the north countries (developed

countries) and countries in the south (developing countries). The

north including countries such as UK and USA contain only 20% of the

world's population but own about 80% of the world's wealth. This makes

it hard for the countries in the South to even try and get out of

debt, and although countries in the north offer aid it is only there

to borrow and must be paid back. They are caught in a cycle (poverty

cycle) that is almost impossible to get out of. Their poverty leads to

disease which leads to death. As children are likely to die people

have more children to help on land and to find food, but there is

usually a poor harvest due to floods, drought, or famine. The

countries of the north offer help but it has to be paid back so any

food that is able to be grown has to be sold leaving people of the

country starving and dieing. The concept of North and South was termed

in the 1980s by "North-South: A programme for Survival", also known as

the Brandt Report. The report called for urgent action to improve

relations between the rich North and the poor South.

Christians believe that as God created the universe and it is the

obligation for all those who love god to take care of it and all the

people in it. This issue is talked about often in the bible. It

focuses on the way people treat others and in particular the way they

treat people in need. It teaches that God will judge them on whether

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