The Farmer Market: The Rebirth Of The Farmers Market

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Shawn Riley
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20 Nov, 2013
Rebirth of the Farmers Market
The rebirth of the farmers market, and does it have enough movement to expand, would it make a difference in the local economy. I want to explore if it is economical for a person to start a business and make a decent living, with today’s standards of living. Second the quality of produce at a farmers market compared to a supermarket. Finally research if small businesses contribute more to local economy more than the larger businesses.
Farmer markets
Farmer markets have always been around and a strong reason to believe that they will still be around long after our time. There are several reasons why this age old tradition still exitst today and revolves around a very common question, “What does a buyer find important when they are about to buy food to be consumed, or how the produce is grown/manufactured, processed, marketed, and distributed. Supporting farmer markets and ensuring fair trade among the dealer and the seller can help promote healthier lives while building stronger communities. There are several reasons to support a community’s farmer market event because buying true locally grown food can allows the buyer to have options to food that is picked fresh and tastes better than what is sold in the supermarkets. Another benefit to farmers markets is that the food is sustainable, flavorful, supports local farms, and also in some areas, part of the proceeds goes to the unfortunate within that community. With the addition of the food generally being more flavorful, locally grown food is adapted to the climate in which it was grown, and can remain fresh longer than that of an imported produce grown in a different climate. Final...

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... sell their product at a lower rate due to the transportation, storage, and marketing costs. Having the food sold through private markets, cuts out the middle man, and allows more money to end up back into the farms, which helps the farmer put money back into their business and other businesses. Money that goes back into local businesses then increases the local economy through a process called the multiplier effect. The multiplier effect is an economics term that is used to describe where a small investment of money is circulated back into the economy, it sets off a chain reaction that increases exponentially. For example, if a consumer gave the farmer $20 for his goods and the farmer spends three fifths of his income ($20 + (.06x$20)), $32 would be the amount of money available in the market from the initial $20 investment (Krugman, Paul R., and Robin Wells).

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the rebirth of the farmers market, and if it has enough movement to expand, would it make a difference in the local economy.
  • Explains the benefits of supporting a community's farmer market event, such as being able to meet the person who grew the produce and learn more about where the food comes from.
  • Explains the dangers of genetically modified organisms (gmos), which are seeds that have been modified to resist pests and sold to larger farms that produce food sold in supermarkets.
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