Valkyrie – A Film Review

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“A fanatically hysteric romantic with a brutal will,” this is how Karl Alexander von Muller, described the personality of Adolf Hitler. Throughout Hitler’s reign, people close to him had the same outlook towards him, like von Muller, and many officers and generals plotted to kill the dictator. The plot that came closest to succeeding was “Project Valkyrie,” which was the subject of the 2010 film “Valkyrie”. The film incorporated many aspects that are historically accurate, despite a number of minor historical flaws. However, there are some instances where poor concepts are shown in the film as well. The historical accuracy of the film can be demonstrated by showing its plot, setting and characters.

A significant strength Valkyrie has in terms of historic accuracy is the precision of the plot and the plot twists. The director, Bryan Singer, sought to accurately represent history by using the facts of the plot with effectiveness. One of the areas of strength was how he described the conspirators in Hitler’s ‘trusted circle’ and why they wanted him out of power in the first place. One of the conspirators, Ludwig Beck gave a vague statement about this, “We must once more determine whether there existed any possibility of an understanding between the Opposition and Western powers,” (Valkyrie , 247). This is connected to the fact about all conspirators which is that they all believed Germany would be facing an inevitable defeat and would do anything to attempt making a deal with allied forces to save their beloved country. The actual events surrounding the Project were one of the most accurate features of the film. For example, codename “Valkyrie” was derived from a document approved by Hitler which would be put into effect if there...

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