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Since 1792 vaccines have captured the world attention and has shook the minds of people and their overall safety and effectiveness. Vaccines have provided a safe and harmful effect on the society of today. The history of vaccines and the overall belief that the virus are rare and there is no need for it has sculpted the minds of people and the ideals of vaccines. First I discuss how the history of vaccines have had a hand in changing the mindset of the people. Then I will touch on how the belief of the virus are rare and that “it can’t happen to me” (Web MD) mindset has played a part in how people think towards vaccines and their overall safety and effectiveness. In this essay I will discuss if vaccines are overall beneficial or not through history and through the ideals that epidemics and virus are rare and only a few are susceptible to getting the epidemic and are in the need of the vaccine. History are another way…show more content…
The polio vaccine can be traced back all the way to June 17, 1894. (History of Vaccines) The famous virus was made big when President Roosevelt had the virus. The virus was caused you to have iron lungs and made it very difficult to breath. With continuous effort to eradicate the virus there was many trials and errors on riding the epidemic. The polio epidemic was a world spread virus that was a household name that scared the people every day. In the height of the polio epidemic over 35,000 cases were reported in the United States alone. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) There was a race for a discovery for a cure and when the vaccine was found in 1955 it saved thousands of lives and uncountable amount of people that was at risk in the future. The Americas was completely eradicated of the disease in 1994. (History of Vaccines) Other vaccines have also have helped people like the measles, yellow fever, and diphtheria vaccine have shaped the future of

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