The Benefits Of Vaccination

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Vaccines are a controversial topic. While there are many benefits to getting vaccinated, there are also some concerns. The benefits include immunization against many deadly diseases, debilitating diseases, and other simply annoying diseases. The concerns include everything from fears about vaccines causing autism, feeling they aren’t necessary for what they cost, and contracting the disease from the vaccines. While certain concerns may be valid, others are much less so, and will be examined and explained why I would choose to vaccinate my child. The benefits are easy to see. With the use of vaccines, many devastating diseases aren’t experienced anymore. Polio, smallpox, and measles, are all examples of deadly diseases no longer endemic …show more content…

As a new parent, it could be nice to have a set schedule for vaccines, so you don’t have to any additional things to worry about for your baby. Since the schedule says for most shots to be taken before 3 years old, most babies probably won’t even remember the mild symptoms, and the experience. With the early vaccines, babies will also be protected when going to common infection sites like preschool, daycares, or just places with lots of other kids.
Include the fact that vaccines are quite safe, and inexpensive makes it seem like everyone would get vaccines. This is not the case though, people have quite a few concerns about getting vaccinated. There are many concerns about vaccines. Those concerns include, fears about contracting autism from vaccines, the small chance of contracting the disease from the vaccine, and not feeling vaccines are necessary anymore. Almost all concerns about autism are baseless. Some are founded based on a suspicion of both doctors, and the fact vaccines are composed of …show more content…

At the end, it even says she’s seeing some symptoms coming back. Although it isn’t explicitly stated, her parents undoubtedly endured a lot with this too. If a visit to the doctor can prevent year long rehabs, costly doctor visits, and a decline in quality of life, then I’ll go visit the doctor. Even though polio isn’t that common, there are other diseases, like whooping cough, that can be prevented with vaccines. Other than the fact that babies can die from whooping cough, I think it would make the baby happier to just not experience it at

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  • Explains that vaccines are a controversial topic, with many benefits, but there are also some concerns, such as fears about autism, feeling they aren't necessary for what they cost, and contracting the disease.
  • Explains the benefits of vaccines, such as polio, smallpox, and measles. vaccinated people also protect others with the effect known as herd immunity.
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