The Importance Of Vaccines

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Vaccinations, or vaccines for short, are injections that deliver a living attenuated organism into a person’s body. Children are very important to the continued welfare of humankind, and thusly, their well-being is of heightened importance. Vaccinations have a significant impact on an individual’s health, and children are not excluded from the benefits of vacations. It is of utmost importance that children are provided with the chance to a healthy future. Due to underdeveloped immunosuppressant systems, children are vulnerable to diseases that adults are typically resistant to, as their immune systems have had many years to evolve and grow in strength. Vaccines help children gain considerable resistances to diseases that would otherwise cause serious health problems. When used throughout the entirely of a population, vaccines have the potential to eliminate the possibility of contracting specific diseases. Despite the important and positive benefits of vaccinations, some people believe that vaccinating their children can cause serious health problems. Psychological, social, and cultural factors can also play a role in the parents’ decision in whether or not they wish to vaccinate their child (M. Ruijs., 2012). I feel that is it personal responsibility of all parents to vaccinate their children. Despite any pain or discomfort that a child may experience from the given injections, vaccinations are in the best interest of the child. It is very important to vaccinate children as it will protect them against many serious and potentially fatal diseases. Vaccinations are fast acting, harmless to the recipient, and extremely effective. One of the major question that needs to be consider when vaccinating a child, do the risks of the... ... middle of paper ... ...t have thimerosal and autism. It does not make sense that someone that is being vaccinated to help prevent diseases would end up with an intellectual disability, difficulties with motor coordination and attention and physical health issues (Concerns About Austim). The original study that started this debate for years had been retracted. Parents should be more informed and keep up with regarding this situation. It is understandable when a child cannot be vaccinated because they are either immunocompromised or allergic to the vaccine. These children cannot handle the living attenuated virus in the vaccine because they do not have the antibodies to defend their body from foreign bacteria or viruses. If the child is allergic to the vaccine it is reasonable why they cannot receive the vaccine. It is obvious why parents do not want to put their child’s health at risk.
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