Vaccinations and Autism…Connected

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Every child born in America is unique: whether it be because of skin color, hair color, birth weight, complications while still in the womb, or difficulties at birth. Yet when it comes to vaccinations they are all treated equal and are expected to follow the government recommended vaccination schedule. Once these vaccinations have been given, they cannot be removed from a child’s body. The harm they may have caused a child, cannot be reversed. Parents need to be aware of what is in these vaccines and the possible harmful effects they can have on their child. While the official cause of autism has not been clearly determined, parents of young children and expecting parents need to be aware that research shows a definite link between vaccinations and reported cases of autism.
Vaccinating young children is not a new practice. Vaccinations have been given to young children for many years. Vaccinations were first started to provide people with immunity to harmful diseases. Many diseases have been almost eliminated from our country because of these immunities. Vaccinating children is a common practice that most parents follow as part of their “well-child” visits to the pediatrician. Many parents don’t even think twice about vaccinating their children, as that is what the pediatrician and the Center for Disease Controll
Brown 2 recommend. The CDC has developed an immunization schedule which physicians follow to determine at what age certain vaccinations are given. The current vaccination schedule for a child is said to be safe by the CDC. Dr. Donald Miller provides an informative summary of this schedule:
Before a child reaches the age of two, he or she will have received 32 vaccinations on the schedule, including four...

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