Unit 5 Exercise 1 Fitness Program

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1. a) Name 3 main fitness components this program is aiming to improve providing evidence with your reasoning? Aerobic power- An C player must be able to run for long periods of time while being able to still keep a fast pace. By improving their aerobic power, they will be able to keep of with the high demands of the sport. Through the long distance runs and circuit training, it’s clear to see this is a main fitness component the coach is targeting. Muscular endurance- As the player must continue running, their muscles will begin to tire and lactic acid will build up in their muscles. To ensure the players muscle don’t fatigue, the coach of this elite athlete has clearly targeted their muscular endurance. Shown through the multiple resistance trainings and circuit training, the athletes muscular endurance will be sure to improve. Agility – A C player must ensure they are able to sprint during a game at random points. To help ensure the player has the quickest reaction time when taking a sprint, they need to improve their agility. The coach of this elite athlete has ensured agility is a key focus with various sessions made to improve agility such as the Illinois …show more content…

A GK would need to focus more agility based training as they must be very agile to comply with the quick and dynamic movements made by the GS. To include agility based training with their training program, they may include interval raining, fartlek training etc. In addition, to agility, a GK training program must focus on muscular power to assist with their constant jumping for intercepts and rebounds. To include this in their training program, they may choose to include plyometric training which will not only help with their explosive jumps, it will also help with their agility and short sprints down the

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