Unilever Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan
A strategic plan is the official, restricted method intended to help a firm to make out and keep the best possible placement with the most important basics of its setting (Rowley, 1997). The following is a strategic plan meant for Horizon, a telecommunication company that has a global presence. In the US, Unilever has a centralized IT department led by the IT manager, who answers directly to the chief executive officer. The vision of the IT department of horizon is to be a world class department that offers practical solutions for the company and support to customers. Therefore, this plan is meant to aid the company offer reliable after sale support to customers, answer to customer complaints, and helps the company employees
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Horizon has a customer care center in every branch that runs a toll free service to customers who may seek more information on the company 's products or general information on the management of the company. Within one year, the firm will develop a customer relationship management system that will offer more automated services to customers. The system will seek to add department options to customers who call the toll free numbers, including, products, human resource department, sales department, and support department. The team that will lead the development will be sourced from the business lead department, including maintenance team, and second level support. The Business leads manager will lead the team.
Within the year, the company will also develop a department that will offer online support to customers who may ask questions regarding the company’s products from the firm’s website. Social media managers will be recruited to tend to customers over the social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The teams that will overhaul the company’s website by add links where the customers can interact with the social media manager and customer care
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