Unilateral Decision: The Naval Blockade on Cuba

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Unilateral Decision: The Naval Blockade on Cuba
The naval blockade of Cuba was retaliation from John F Kennedy finding out about the Soviet Union creating secret nuclear missiles on Cuba. The time is October 22, 1962; the State of Union is not at peace. The United States and Soviet Union are in what is known as The Cold War, which lasted from 1945-91. The war leads to international crisis with alliances, naval battles and the Soviet Union, our biggest threat.
The peace of the country was not existent at this time, because the naval blockade, which was implemented because John F. Kennedy found out that the Soviet Union were making missile and keeping them there on Cuban land (Crisp 1), is taking place nearly twenty years after the start of the Cold War. So the war led to unrest with the Americans, who were all scared that the Massive Retaliation would happen, the massive retaliation being a nuclear bomb, but this wasn’t the only fear that Americans had from the war. Also there were little altercations with alliances, the bombing of naval ships that belonged to the US.
The time of the Cuban Naval Blockade the Unites States was at war with the Soviet Union, the war already preexisting for almost twenty years. The war already had United States and all its citizens at the edge of their seats. The rise of nuclear weapons was relevant and a high scare factor for everyone.
Communism was both an international and national crisis. The United States fear was having any custody of its country becoming communism and it wanted to stop it from spreading throughout the world, because the U.S was dominantly Democratic and Republican and they feared a takeover of other countries or even their own states trying to take over. (Anticom...

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