U.S. Market: Electronic Cigarrettes

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Electronic cigarettes have been a massive hit lately in the U.S. market. E-cigarettes do not technically produce smoke, but they do produce vapor and are not much different from ordinary cigarettes. Even though e-cigarette may be considered safer than regular cigarettes it still contains nicotine and other chemicals that are harmful to the human body. E-cigarettes can be a positive measure opposite of tobacco products, but in the long run it is no different than regular cigarettes and could lead to negative outcomes. Thus, e-cigarettes should be restricted, regulated, and be treated as “regular cigarettes.”
E-cigarette is also known as “vaping” which vaporizes a liquid solution containing nicotine through battery-powered heat held in a mouthpiece of the device. Young adults believe it is safer than a regular tobacco product because of less harmful chemicals, but it has not been thoroughly checked to be safe. Consumers do not know the potential risks of e-cigarettes including how much nicotine or other chemicals are inhaled, or how it may lead them to try regular cigarettes. The vapo...
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