Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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Are Electronic Cigarettes a Good Alternative for the Cessation of Smoking Tobacco? Almost everyone knows the health risks involved with smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) give habitual smokers the most promising results of tobacco reduction or cessation. There are some that disagree with the use of e-cigarettes however; the benefits are exceptional for those looking to quit this habit. It significantly lowers their health risks related with smoking tobacco and, unlike cigarettes, it does not release any harmful toxic chemical substances. E-cigarettes are also more cost efficient than buying a pack of cigarettes. Although there are some that oppose the use of the economical e-cigarettes, the advantages are greater because…show more content…
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery operated heating devices that work by turning nicotine into vapor that is inhaled to emulate smoking tobacco but without the harsh toxic chemicals attributed with smoking cigarettes. The liquid nicotine substance inserted in the e-cigarettes is primarily a solution of water, propylene glycol, glycerin, and small amounts of flavoring, available with or without nicotine that is vaporized by an internal heater (Popova 924). Furthermore, the amount of nicotine can be adjusted from nicotine free to extra strength. This allows users to control their amount of nicotine with the most promising option to be nicotine free or detached from the tobacco imitating device. E-cigarettes can be practically taken anywhere. Most are designed to resemble the typical cigarette and others may appear in a pen-like shape. Not to mention, the cost of e-cigarettes are relatively low compared to buying tobacco products. Given these points, e-cigarettes is a better solution to the discontinuance of smoking tobacco because it does not contain toxic chemicals associated with the smoke from cigarettes, it is a more affordable, and permits its users to control their nicotine intake to eventually curb the nicotine…show more content…
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Hajek discusses a study performed by Christopher Bullen and colleagues and their conclusions on nicotine replacement therapy. He concluded that e-cigarettes are a cheaper alternative to tobacco smoking and recommends it to smokers.

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Marlow argues that the FDA puts the public health in harm’s way by not conducting thorough research concerning e-cigarettes. He believes their efforts are only promoting tobacco cigarettes and minimizing those that want to quit or reduce smoking by using the e-cigarette.

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Nitzkin’s article discusses e-cigarettes as a promising method for Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR). He gives data and reasoning as to why e-cigarettes are better for smokers attempting to quit or reduction tobacco
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