Wage Disparity and Unrest at Twin Oaks Hospital

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The fundamental and underlying issues
The situation at the Twin Oaks Hospital is a conundrum that every human resource function would not like to be involved. It is a scenario that has the potential to derail the services of the medical facility. The primary issue, in this case, is remuneration. Employees are demanding an improved wage system that reflects on the services that they offer. In the claims, there appears to be an array of disparities that the line managers must give a response. Seemingly, there have been some grumbles over the wage structure. Employees who give the same value of services are paid varying amounts of money. Ordinarily, if workers discover such a disparity, they are likely to stage a go-slow in protest. There is, …show more content…

In the Industry, employees are bound to have full knowledge of the changes in the terms of employment in their institutions. Most notably, it is the news of improved pay at Lexington Memorial Hospital that triggered the situation at Twin Oaks (Chuck, 2015). In this light, it becomes and underlying issue. Another underlying issue that would have probably caused the standoff is the perceived discrimination on gender in the wage system. There is some feeling, in particular among the female members of staff that there is a bias against them. It emerges that men who perform less valuable duties and contribute less to the organization receive more than the ladies who add more value to the …show more content…

The discontent that the hospital is currently witnessing is induced by the goings-on in another institution. There is, therefore, difficulty in determining the honesty of the individuals. In situations where outside forces make a system make such adjustments, it portends serious problems for the future of the organization. Assuming their demands are met and the following day Lexington gives another salary raise, will Twin Oaks also follow suit? They are in a very precarious situation. The other problems are the modalities that the hospital should employ so as to resolve the issue. While experts are in agreement over the need to find a lasting solution to the problem, they are, however, far from getting a standard stand on how to approach the matter. The implication is that even if the management is to find a ground, it is likely to be a partially binding since some people will oppose it while others will support it. That is a variable that serves to complicate an already complicated

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