Travel and Tourism Into the Future

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Travel and Tourism Into the Future

Continued Growth

Over the last 20 years there has been a significant growth in:

1. UK residents visiting overseas

2. Overseas residents visiting the UK

1. UKresidents visiting overseas

In 1982 there were 20.6 million visits overseas by the UK residents.

By the year 2002, the number had tripled to 54.9 million. Even in 2001

when global terrorism had a big impact in world travel, UKresidents

visits abroad continued to increase at 2.5%. During this 20 year

period, the number of nights spent abroad by UKresidents, rose from

262 million to 595 million nights. The projection into the next

decade, suggests a continued increase in the region of 2-3%. When

people travel abroad, people spend money, the increase in travel over

the last 20 years has averaged 5.3% each year, over the same time,

spending has increased by 10.6%.

2. Overseas visitors to the UK

In 1982, 11.6 million people visited the UK, and by 1988 reached a

peak of 25.7 million, however visits to the UK fell in the following

years, into 2001, between February and September, foot and mouth

disease caused a fall of 9.4% and visitor numbers continued to fall

due to terrorist attacks in the USA. By 2002, visitor numbers were

still lower than before 9.11. The number of nights, stayed by overseas

residents followed the visitor trends, 136 million nights in 1982

rising to 231 million nights in 1998, falling to 190 million in 2001.

Over the last 3 years, the trend has shown an increase of over 5%. The

prediction into the future suggests continued to increase at rates

around 4%. Spending by overseas visitors has grown at 5% each...

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...ohn Lennon, Nottingham, East Midlands -

the largest hub = Stansted.

Growth in the size of Airports

1. New terminal 5 at Heathrow (LHR)

2. Proposed growth at Birmingham (BHX)

3. Growth at Coventry Airport

4. A need for a new airport in South East England

5. Expansion of Exeter, Bristol, Durham Teesvalley

Electronic/www/email changes

· Continued growth of internet as method of

1. Researching holidays

2. Communication with operators

3. Booking of flights, accommodation, car hire insurance

4. Arranging excursions

· Decline in Travel Agents?

· Vulnerability to:

1. Global terrorism: Post "9.11", Bali bomb

2. Diseases: Sars virus in the Far East, foot and mouth in the UK,


3. Natural disasters: Hurricanes

Volcanic Eruptions


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