Going To College Essay

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There is a lot of pressure put on high school students to go to college. Junior and Senior year of high school all students hear is ‘where are you going to college’ and ‘what are you going to do with your life’. Such questions can be overwhelming and cause a lot of stress for students. It’s been put into everyone’s minds that in order to be successful you absolutely have to go to college and get a degree. Not every successful person went to college. The idea of college can put a lot of stress onto a person when they think it is the only way to be successful, but it is possible to be successful without a degree thus students should not be pressured into going to college as soon as they graduate high school. In the world today, high school…show more content…
Walt Disney did not even finish high school and he is among the top most successful people to exist in the world. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, dropped out of college because he could not afford it. The founder of Hobby Lobby received a high school diploma, but never attended college. Rachel Ray is a famous cook-show TV star who never went to college or attended a culinary school of any kind. Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Charles Dickens, and William Faulkner are all very well known authors who never got a college degree. It is possible to be successful in this world without a college degree as long as you are determined enough to persevere and work hard until you reach your goal of…show more content…
Some students may have dreams that do not require a college degree, but parents may push to get a degree to fall back on incase their dreams fail. This brings a disinterest to the student in college and can cause them to do poorly in classes. This can hurt the student if they decide to change their mind down the road and try college again. Some students just need time off to truly think about what they want to do with their life, but many people think you have to go to college right out of high school. While getting it done quickly can be a good thing, it is also a good idea to wait if you truly do not know what you want to do with your life. You may feel that you are wasting your time there if you are not even sure that you are studying for something you want to do for the rest of your
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