College Essay: My College Experience Of College

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My College Experience Having a job made me fear starting college because I knew it was going to be a lot of weight on my shoulders. Though, I knew if I wanted a better life that meant I would have to go back to school. Meaning I had to do both school and work because of my car payment and other bills. After a year of being out from high school, I decided to take a chance and start college. Getting an education has always caused stressed upon me. School did not come easily to me, like how it does for most others. College is not easy to handle when you are having to juggle time, work, and other responsibilities. College requires you to have the time and effort for it. For things such as, studying, working on group project, going to school events, writing a paper on an event, etc. Without time you and your grades will suffer. Not having enough time for school is a main reason why a lot of students do not make it through a semester. Sometimes twenty-four hours in a day is not enough for me. When it comes to homework and studying, the only time I…show more content…
Still having to help my parents around the house by cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes and taking out the trash. My room seems as if a tornado pasted right through it. Clothes all over the floor, bed half made, laundry basket filled to the top. I barely have the energy to do my chores that my parents ask me to do. By the time I get to my room I am too exhausted to do anything more but sleep. Not to mention, I have a tiny chihuahua that I must tend to. I have to make sure she is always feed and has water, gets her exercise, and is bathe. The same goes for me, I need to make sure to have time for myself or else I would go insane. I need to make sure I treat myself every now and then. Little things such as, getting my hair and nails done, go to the gym, and go out for a little fun. The smallest things can easily put me at
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