Tragedy And Tragedy

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Do tragedies affect success? It may not be a commonly asked question but it is an important one. What if people knew that if someone experienced a tragedy they were more likely to succeed. This does not mean that if you live a normal life you will end up working at a low end job for the rest of your life, quite the contrary. People that live in a family environment grow up exposed to more love, protection, and support, all crucial later on in life. Equally crucial, if not more so, are grit, self-reliance and drive, which can come from tragedy. Through my research I have found that there are three main forms of tragedy that shape someone’s life. One is loss of limb, another is loss of a parent or parents, and a third is cognitive impairment. Many say that success isn’t an easy road, and this just proves it.
Many people who have suffered the loss of a limb don’t give up on hope, to the contrary many of them do such extraordinary deeds that many normal people couldn’t even begin to comprehend. For example Daniel Inouye, who fought in WWII, lost his right arm. For lots this would have closed many doors to success, but it did the exact opposite for him. After the war he received the Medal of Honor and became the first Japanese American to serve on the U.S. House of Representatives, and then it’s Senate. He held the senate office for Hawaii for fifty-eight straight years, never losing an election. In fact he represented Hawaii ever since it achieved statehood in 1959. Another excellent example is Sudarhan Gautam. This man at the age of fourteen lost both of his arms in a kite-flying accident, but instead of letting this discourage him he went on to become the first disabled person to climb Mt. Everest without using prostheti...

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...y, put together teams, problem solve, and communicate orally. I could go on and on. Those will turn out to be advantages that came from disadvantage.” This just goes to say that many children or adults that suffer from the likes of dyslexia, autism, and ADD/ADHD may have certain skills and or methods of getting work done that may put them ahead of someone who not.
People with tragedies in their life have a higher chance` of being successful. These prosperous people normally suffered from one or more of these three tragedies during their life: loss of limb, parental loss, and cognitive impairment. These forms of tragedy can severely impact someone’s life. Through this tragedy these people will emerge changed, for better or worse, and if the human race could learn to channel their feelings of distraught and hopelessness into something else we will know no bounds.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that tragedies affect success, and that people who live in a family environment grow up exposed to more love, protection, support, grit, self-reliance and drive.
  • Explains that many people who have lost a limb don't give up on hope. daniel inouye, who fought in wwii, received the medal of honor and became the first japanese american to serve on the u.s. house of representatives and senate.
  • Explains that losing a parent can be one of the worst things to happen at any age, and it is even more traumatic when it happens at young age. malcolm gladwell calls these children "eminent orphans."
  • Explains that cognitive impairments have become more common in the last twenty years. however, this does not mean less people will not be able to succeed.
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