How People Learn To Become Resilient?

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946 words

Resilience; the word may seem foreign but it actually shines in some of the most difficult times. Resilience strikes courage into the heart of the most anxious person, and it makes the most difficult task turn into the easiest. Now, the question may be asked: if a difficult task, that seems impossible to overcome is presented, why might it seem so hard to be resilient? Well, although it may seem that resilience depends on the difficulty of the adversity, it depends on the strength of the person affected by the adversity and it’s their own choice they make whether they overcome it or not. In the articles How People Learn To Become Resilient, The Deafening Silence, 15 Common Defense Mechanisms, and Jericho, the contrast is show that while people …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how resilience strikes courage into the heart of the most anxious person, and makes difficult tasks easier. the articles how people learn to become resilient, the deafening silence, 15 common defense mechanisms and jericho show people's reactions when faced with adversities.
  • Analyzes how children faced with adversity grow up to become hardened shells, but there are youngsters who fulfill their dreams and enjoy themselves wholly.
  • Analyzes how people can surrender to the disheartening reality of adversities by using defense mechanisms to avoid them.
  • Analyzes how the father uses regression by constantly being dependent on his daughters and acting out by storming out of his home and having a tantrum instead of expressing that he was angry at his children.

It is stated in the article, How People Learn To Become Resilient “But the remaining third developed into ‘competent, confident, and caring young adults.’ They had attained academic, domestic, and social success—and they were always ready to capitalize on new opportunities that arose” (Konnikova). Although there had been children growing up in the same conditions there was a handful that became people you wouldn’t have thought they were capable of becoming. The children all had been facing the same adversity, so why did only one third become better people than they started off as? The answer is simple, they had the drive and capability to overcome the adversity instead of submitting to it. Instead of being content with the life they were given, they sought out to create opportunities for themselves and it benefitted them immensely. In the article The Deafening Silence Nancy Johnson states: “I dreaded speaking” and “Soon I’d drive home to take my place at the anchor’s desk or in the field…”. The two quotes are said at two points in Johnson's life; the first, when she was a young child and afraid to speak, and the second, when she was an adult with more confidence she thought she was capable of. The adversity faced may seem trivial to others, but the effort taken to overcome the adversity is exceptional. It may seem that she gained resilience from other people, but she gained her confidence from within, although it cannot be seen. Johnson could have easily succumbed to her adversity, but because of her will to achieve her dream, she overcame her fears and has fulfilled her wishes. No matter what the adversity may be, if the person has enough will, they can overcome and live a life they are content with. Although people have the ability to overcome adversities and be

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