Totalitarian Government Essay

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Totalitarian regimes take over control of every aspect of an individual's life in which the state holds total authority. The only thing Totalitarian regimes do for its community is cause the basic rights of humans to be destroyed by brutality and terror. The Totalitarian society of any regime is constantly moving toward some end goal, even though the totalitarian state never reaches it. It instead creates the illusion of doing so. As soon as one goal was reached, it was replaced by another and such was the case in Stalin's Russia.
Stalin implemented a Five Year Plan in order to build up the industrial production of the Soviet Union. In order to keep the illusion of a successful Five Year Plan, production quotas were constantly made known well before they had been attained. He also announced another Five Year Plan before the last Five Year Plan was completed. According to Lyotard, Stalin and his Communism tried to give the proletariat a reality beyond that of the working class still bound to national traditions and differential claims, but unfortunately it would never be recognized for the legitimacy of any local power. Stalin to maintain power in his totalitarian regime, he purged his party of those who might oppose him and opportunists who might make the attempt to replace his regime. His use of terror was able to deceive people as long as it did because it seemed to be working toward the realization of the socialist republic. Terror became one of the key features of the government. Stalin, through his totalitarian power, got Russian workers many benefits like free education, free medical services and pension. The unemployment rate decreased and there was a great possibility for personal advancement. To advance in this society y...

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...ependent organizations like the Social Democratic Party becoming a one party state, got Communist Party members arrested as well as executed and began the genocide of Jews and other non-German populations. His tactics of terror, Lyotard claims, acts on the suspicion that nothing is ever emancipated enough meaning that every reality is a plot against the general will.
Liberal Democracy prohibits the rule by the will of majority especially when it harms those in the minority. Any doctrine under that form of government emphasizes the protection of individual liberties, equality and the rights of minority groups. Among some are freedom of speech and assembly which Hitler got abolished in his creation of Nazism. Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany rejected all liberal ideas to lesser everything to the State causing basic human rights to be bound by brutality and terror.
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