Debating Racial Inequality: A Student's Perspective

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Racial Inequality is a topic in America that many people believe still exists, and many believe it’s simply an over-dramatized topic. Tim Wise, a notable person in the political world, gave a speech on his thoughts on racial inequality at Bloomsburg University (Wise, 2016). I strongly disagreed with the ideas he tried presenting to us students at Bloomsburg University. However, I kept an open mind despite feeling disturbed by his thoughts, and came out with new knowledge on the topic of racial inequality. Why did Bloomsburg University even invite Tim Wise to give a speech on racial inequality? With all of the issues that have been happening, I believe the University simply wanted to offer a perspective on racial inequality, and to shine light …show more content…

As I’m growing older, I am finding myself to be a more healthily skeptical person. For example, at a younger age, I would of probably left the speech; however, as I’m maturing I’ve found myself to leave my mind open to ideas, but at the same time I don’t believe everything I hear, just because it sounds good. This experience allowed me to exercise the idea of going out of my way, in order to learn more about different topics. While admittedly I was in a rush to leave, I heavily considered asking him personally why he didn’t place any blame on African American’s for their own problems (Wise, 2016). For every claim he made, I could have used my own statistics to refute what he was saying. Regardless of my frustration at the speech, it was an extremely healthy experience for the growth of me as a person. Tim Wise gave me an idea on the difference between being educated, and skilled. Wise went out of his way to educate himself on his opinions, and gathered up knowledge in order to convey his message. His speaking ability, and the technique he used to convey his message relates to the skill he displayed at the speech. Without being educated on his topic, he wouldn’t have been able to have the knowledge needed to make an argument. If he was a monotonous, boring speaker, with no sense of humor, he’d be displaying poor skill in his speaking

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