Racism : The Human Race And That We Are All Members Of It

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“I hope that people will finally come to realize that there is only one race, the human race and that we are all members of it.” (Margaret Atwood) Since the beginning of the US history until now, racism has been a problem in the United States. Even though there have been emblematic struggles, it has not ceased to be something present in society. Racism has been very influential in society. For many years, it determined whether a person could be part of a specific group. According to the Dictionary of Human Geography, “Any act that links tendencies, affinities, behaviors or characteristics to an individual or community based on innate, indelible or physiological attributes, intended or not, is an act of racism.” Indeed, racism is a feeling of discrimination towards minorities that make up a country or a society. These minorities are separated socially from the rest of the community because of historical, economic, and political issues, which do not allow a full integration of these minorities in society. “racism encompasses not only prejudice, but any action or characteristic of social systems that support race privilege, regardless of whether people intend that to be the result.” (Jake Kosek) In the United states some of groups that have been most affected by racism are the African Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans, among others. As stated before, racism has been a major contentious issue in the United States of America. Before the abolition of slavery in the country in the mid 20th century, racism was socially and even legally sanctioned in the country. The rights that were denied to those affected by racism such as African Americans, Native Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans, among others, were enjoyed... ... middle of paper ... ...cused white Americans for crimes committed against their black compatriots. According to Simon Cuthbert-Kerr, Malcolm many times, started that white people were the enemy. Also, the fact that he wanted black people to fight against white Americans, made him become an emblem for what was going on with the African Americans at that time. There have been numerous episodes of racism and discrimination against many groups in the United States throughout the whole history of the United States. Though racism and discrimination were ended in the country many years ago, different form of discrimination still exists in this country. It appears that discrimination, prejudice as well as institutionalized discrimination is still in the country. Racism today is not limited to people of color, but to other groups such as the immigrants who are inevitably victims of discrimination.

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