Race Inequality In America Case Study

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1. The perceptions of others attending the Miss Columbia `s School are portrayed by the fact that there are acts of mischievous and unrest amongst everybody. The quarreling by everyone is an indication of the showing of the perceptions of others. This is underscored by the acts of inclusive of everybody who attended the Miss Columbia `s School. The Mischievous acts are exhibited by the polyglot and unruly crowd. Critically examining this document, the criticism of Aguinaldo on the policies of America Spanish was eradicated from the Philippines, the aftermath of this eradication caused turmoil that resulted in conflicts. It is worth to note the guerilla war between the Philippines and Spanish American which was intended to free the Cuba from…show more content…
The debate on race inequality in America cannot go on without analyzing the past history of America. The mindset of some Americans is still inclined to the old believes on the skin color segregation. There are still divisions in America on whether all races are equal or not. In the recent past, the riots in Boston have shown that still the cases of discrimination are still rampant in the United States despite the enormous efforts by many lobby groups to adjudicate for respect of race. The handling of the residents of the United States in the crime scenarios is also questionable despite the fact that America welcomes immigrants of all origins. This is an indication that the full intentions of the desires of the Eisenhower, President Reagan, and Senator Obama have not fully yielded fruits. The recent events on the debate on biases on Muslim immigrants, policies, laws, Arab Americans assimilation and domestic terrorism worsens the racial discrimination. It can be concluded that America still has to play more in fighting the racial discrimination. The history of America in confronting and resolving the issues of racial discrepancy empowers America to dictate morality in the modern world. This can be evidenced by the tremendous efforts of some of the American renowned leaders in confronting the inequality vices. Every nation focuses more on the future than the past so as to deal with the current situation than dwelling more on the past outcries. America has the necessary power required to harness the racial inequality. This enables it to champion the efforts of eradicating this
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