Racial Inequality Essay

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America is unequal. Every day we are faced with racial, gender, religious, and economic inequalities that create divisions within these United States. Inequality is a multifaceted beast that would require a number of programs and planning to overcome. There are those who thrive and have opportunity to be successful and there are those who can only dream of opportunity and success; the haves and the havenots. When looking at contemporary America, racial and socioeconomic inequalities are most prominent. Though two different facets of inequality, the two tend to correlate more often than not. Whites and blacks, along with other minorities, are not treated the same. Despite the fact that laws were put into place to promote equality in America, it…show more content…
There is much evidence depicting a strong correlation between race and socioeconomic background. Whites are wealthy. Blacks are poor. And society has not done much to change this. Whites have a history of being wealthy, having power, and being provided numerous opportunities allowing them to achieve success. However, blacks do not share the same past. Those with money are able to attend the most prestigious schools, get a top education, pay college tuitions, and work at leading businesses. The success and wealth is then passed down to generation after generation and the cycle repeats itself. Those without money are forced to attend the public schools assigned to them, potentially attend college, and barely make ends meet working at minimum wages jobs. There are indeed cases where people do deviate from these molds, but it is challenging and requires much determination to break this ruthless cycle. Though rooted centuries ago, the feelings of disgust and superiority whites had towards blacks never completely disappeared. Regardless of our nation’s claims of creating an equal and accepting environment for all, white supremacy is still very

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