Three Reasons For The Neocramble For Africa

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1. Neomercantilism was the abandonment of free trade that took place in Germany, Russia, and France during the 1870s. It is significant because it created the need of colonies and raw materials to supply the demand of factories. Tax barriers were made as it catalyzed the competition if international trade. The result was the construction of colonizes outside of Europe.
2. “Collaborator” was an incorrect and derogatory term that was placed on African rulers that preferred an alliance with European colonialism rather than putting their people in harms way. It is significant because it was a term that brought great shame to rulers post WWII and further separated the peoples of Africa.
3. Treaty of Gori was a treaty between the French and Ahmadu.
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The first reason that historians offer is economic forces asserting itself during the imperialistic era in Europe. A search for wealth in areas that could be easily manipulated led to the Scramble for Africa. This increase in wealth created a fulcrum for competition among European nations in order to gain political dominance. Another reason historians offer is an accident produced by political discrepancies among European nations, primarily due to Great Britain’s expeditious venture in Egypt in 1882. The final explanation historians offer to explain the Scramble for Africa was largely based on a variation of internal African circumstances and European influences. This reason can be split demographically between areas that were successful after the slave trade and area that failed to successfully flourish after the slave trade. In the areas where African economy blossomed post slave trade, Europeans could be pinpointed as the culprit because of the escalation of demand for mercantile products. The societies that claimed a lackluster economy post slave trade, could only blame themselves as internal conditions could be identified as the reason behind their
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