Thomson's Arguments Against Abortion

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From the first stages of pregnancy to the last, Thomson argues that a human embryo is a person. The basic argument against abortion is that every person has the right to life. If the fetus is a person, the fetus, then has the right to life. Therefore, abortion is not merely permissible. However, Thomson says that the right to life is not to be killed unjustly. Meaning the right to use a woman’s body has not been extended to the fetus; so then abortion wouldn’t be violating the fetuses right to life. Most people look at abortion through the extreme view, which is that abortion is always wrong. However, Thomson looks at abortion through the less extreme view which is, abortion is almost always wrong unless the cause of death or bodily harms are …show more content…

Thomson suggests that abortion is morally permissible in some cases like: abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother and where pregnancy stems from rape. The conclusions that Thomson gives about pregnancies due to rape are: The fetus has no right to a person’s body and no injustice to the fetus by removing it from her body. We have to remember that Thomson believes, “The right to life consists not in the right not be killed, but rather in the right not to be killed unjustly” (Thomson 57). This is what Thomson believes the right to life amounts to. If this is true, then abortions are morally permissible in some cases. For example the violinist case shows that the violinist has the right to life and so you are not allowed to act unjustly towards him by unplugging yourself, which would kill him. If you do not kill him unjustly you won’t be violating his right to life. So in the end you would not be doing the violinist justice. We can compare the violinist case to the acts of mothers using abortion due to rape. In the violinist argument kidnapping is morally wrong; rape is morally wrong. The hospital stay would last nine months; the pregnancy would last nine months. The violinist is an innocent human being; the fetus is an innocent human being. Unplugging from the violinist is amounting to killing the violinist; aborting the pregnancy amounts to killing the fetus. In other words, if the mother does not want the baby plugged into her, it is permissible for the mother to unplug herself from the baby. By this example the raped mother had not given the fetus the right to her own body for the use of food and

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