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In my opinion Marquis ' argument for why abortion is morally wrong has a couple of flaws, it’s biased towards the fetus and makes some unreasonable assumptions. Specifically, Marquis account of why killing adult human is wrong can potentially lead to some controversial conclusions. Marquis also doesn 't consider any consequences on the lives of the potential parents of the fetus. Due to the nature of the topic of abortion, it really only applies to women who are thinking of getting an abortion, and as such, we can 't make the standard assumptions that we will have with normal fetuses. In this essay I will explain Marquis ' argument, and try to show that his argument cannot conclude that abortion is morally wrong. Marquis takes a different approach to the topic of abortion than most other people, he doesn 't try to establish that the fetus is a person, but instead tries to establish a reason for why killing us is wrong, and show that the reason also applies to fetuses; and thus…show more content…
However, the future-like-ours argument has a lot of trouble dealing with cases where killing the subject would be obviously wrong. For example, imagine there 's a person who will die naturally in the next moment; they have no future. Or a person who doesn 't currently, and never will value their future. Suppose you know those facts and those people are in front of you. It seems that the future-like-ours argument would come to the conclusion that it wouldn 't be at all morally wrong to kill those people because they either don 't have a future, or they will never come to find value in their future. This obviously doesn 't seem like the right conclusion, as common sense should tell us it would be extremely wrong to kill those people. This shows that the future-like-ours argument is flawed, and consequently so is Marquis ' argument against

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