Thomas Jefferson

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“He always took the right side,” a courtroom observer describing Thomas Jefferson. For Thomas Jefferson was an intelligent man from the time he was a child. Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 on the Shadwell plantation in Virginia. Jefferson’s mother was Jane Jefferson, who was a descendant of royal English and Scottish family. His father on the other hand, Peter Jefferson, was a successful farmer on the Shadwell plantation. The Jefferson’s had a large family consisting of four girls and another boy besides Thomas. Jefferson spent most of his childhood before going to school learning how to perform basic tasks on the farm, outdoor sports, and hunting. At the age of nine Thomas Jefferson began his schooling, which his mother and father both felt was important. His parents sent Jefferson off to a boarding school with Reverend William Douglas in Northam, Virginia. Although Jefferson was not fond of his teacher he continued with schooling learning manners as well as Greek, Latin, and French. At the age of fourteen while Jefferson was still in schooling his father was stricken with an illness and died soon after. With the death of his father, Jane Jefferson still found it important to continue in school. In 1760, Jefferson chose to attend College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia to receive a basic education. After spending three years there Jefferson chose to study law under Wythe who was a prominent lawyer. In the late 1760’s Jefferson chose to practice law in Virginia where he also met his soon to be wife, Martha Wayles Skelton. The couple was married soon after, January 1, 1772. Thomas Jefferson was also elected by legislature to Virginia governor in June of 1779. At the time, the Revolutionary War was taking pla... ... middle of paper ... not able to trade with foreign countries. So instead, Jefferson replaced the Embargo Act with the Non- Intercourse Act which allowed trade with foreign countries except for England and France. Throughout's Jefferson two terms as president he was able to accomplish a lot. Notably, the Louisiana Purchase was a large part of his presidential reign and allowed for the United States to prosper. After being so successful, Jefferson retired to his home, Monticello, in Virginia. In 1826, Jefferson became ill. Soon after being ill Jefferson was invited to Fourth of July activities in Washington, D.C. and to be honored guests. Unfortunately, Jefferson was too ill to attend and ended up passing away on July 4, 1826. Although Jefferson is no longer here, the effect he had on our country is still apparent and remembered by his memorial in Washington, D.C.

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