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Thomas Jefferson was an American Statesmen. He also was one of our founding fathers. Jefferson also was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He was born April 13, 1749, in Shadwell, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was the author of many books such as Garden Book, Farm Book, and so much more. Jefferson also has many awards such as the Honorary Law Degree from the College of William and Mary, the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Yale College. Since Jefferson didn't speak to the public often during his presidency, he spent most of his time writing at his desk. In the 1700s, Thomas Jefferson inheritance a plantation house from his father and married Martha Wayle Skelton and had four children. Thomas Jefferson had many dealings…show more content…
The Declaration of Independence was written almost 241 years ago by our founding fathers. What is the Declaration of Independence you ask? The Declaration of Independence is a long writing declaring and stating the United States freedom from the British that was written July 4, 1776. If you didn’t know the Declaration of Independence was not the first thing that Jefferson Published. The first thing that Jefferson published was a book called A Summary View of the Rights of British…show more content…
From what I have read Thomas Jefferson had approximately 52 books published. Although Jefferson wasn’t a people’s person he wrote about a lot of his life situations. Jefferson has a couple of autobiography’s but one autobiography that I’ve read a couple pages of tells me that Thomas Jefferson left this to the literature of the Nation. The name of this autobiography is Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1790 published in 1821. This autobiography also talks about main events in Thomas Jefferson’s life. One of the main events in his life that are listed is when Jefferson plans treaty against Barbary States May 23. Another main event is when Jefferson drafted the plans for the University of Virginia January 18,

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