Themes in The Diary of Anne Frank

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Themes in The Diary of Anne Frank

"Anne Frank" is a diary written by a teenage girl during the Nazi

Occupation in World War Two. The story starts when Anne Frank receives

a diary as a 13th birthday present, from her father, Otto Frank.

There are a several themes of this diary, it deals with the problems

of growing up, and the affects war has on her life and love. As it is

a diary it expresses these themes in a very personal way.

The story is mainly set in Amsterdam during the Nazi Occupation in

World War Two where at first life is good and all is well for Anne and

her family, it then moves on to things worsening for the Franks and

other Jewish families as the Nazi influence grows stronger and

stronger until it reaches the stage were the family is sent into

hiding to cherish there last few years of some freedom before they are

sent off to Concentration camps.

Anne Frank is a funny, optimistic, and confident and from what she

says, pretty and mature young lady who loves her father very much. She

also expresses her feelings towards other things and people very

openly; "I hope only one thing, and that is that the hatred of the

Jews will be a passing thin, that the Dutch will show what they are

after all, and that is that they will never falter and lose their

sense of right. For anti-Semitism is unjust!"

Anne is a typical teenager she worries when she is going to have her

period, whether she is ugly or not and she seems to have a non-stop

rivalry contest with her mother. "Also it says that Eva has a monthly

period. Oh, I'm longing to have one to; it seems so importantâ?¦", "I

asked Margot if she thought I was ugly. She said t...

... middle of paper ... is written very personally and informally in the first person. Her

writing is very effective, after some reading there is a needed

feeling of empathizing with her character. The book has the affect of

creating a minor bond with the reader. The language she uses is very

grown up and her vocabulary is somewhat extended, this is due to the

fact that she is a keen reader and her father teaches her all kinds of

academic subjects daily. Anne uses many words that describe a person

or a situation very well, words that someone else her age could not

put there finger on and use quite as well as her.

To every story there is a heart, however this is a diary making it

have possibly the biggest heart of all. As a reader I have grown to

like, hate and empathize with Anne's character, after all in the end

she is still a teenager.

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